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Environmental Benefits

Ready to improve your health and that of the planet with every sip? A healthy human is not just a brand. It’s a lifestyle. We design every product with the mission: To improve the health of humans and of the planet by changing the way the world drinks water and cooks food.

Stainless Steel water bottles & Pressure Cooker are Sustainable

Did you know that people recycle only about 12% of the plastic water bottles they buy? And of that 12%, only 50% of everything we put in the recycling bin is actually recycled.

That means that the vast majority of plastic water bottles end up in our landfills, where they each take approx.1000 years to decompose. During that time, they leach harmful chemicals into our environment

They require fewer resources and less energy

Did you know that it takes three times the amount of water in a bottle of water to make it as it does to fill it? It takes almost 2000 times the energy to manufacture a bottle of water as it does to produce tap water.

Bottled water production requires 17 million bottles of oil a year. Additionally, in just one week, 40,000 18-wheeler trucks line our roads just to deliver bottled water to retail stores nationwide. That adds up to a lot of fossil fuels required just to make and transport the bottles. Then, if not recycled, all of those natural resources end up sitting in our landfills as the bottles decompose.


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