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Insulated water bottles have become both: a better way for hydration and a fashion trend. People love to flaunt their insulated flasks and carry them wherever they go. 

And why not they should?

The vacuum insulated water bottles are available in so many options based on colors, designs, and patterns. Also, some manufacturers offer customization services. Isn’t that great! A stainless steel water bottle that goes perfectly with your personality. 

That’s increased the demand for high-quality hot & cold water bottles, thus making the competition fierce in the market. To meet the demand for quality bottles and attain a competitive edge, it becomes imperative for every manufacturer to ensure a product quality and management system. The quality of the products is based on the quality management scheme.

At Speedex, we have an experienced quality management team that consistently works towards improving the quality management system to offer the best quality products. In our years of operation, we always have implemented top quality management practices and internal workflow management.

Here’s what we do to ensure the top-most quality of our water bottles:

  • Drop Test – To ensure sturdiness and impact resistance
  • Leaking Test – To ensure that your drink stays intact and spill-proof
  • Material Test – To ensure the material resists bacteria and mold
  • Corrosion Test – To ensure resistance to corrosion and rust
  • Vacuum Insulation – To ensure temperature retention
  • Heat retention – To ensure the liquids remain hot through layers of protection
  • Color matching – To ensure color appearance
  • Printing scratch test – To ensure scratch resistance
  • Cosmetic inspection – To ensure the long-lasting appeal


Our quality inspection team was set up after evaluating the skills of every member, and clear instructions were given to enhance the sense of responsibility of each quality inspector. We also conduct frequent training programs to enhance the quality awareness among each member of our organization. We believe in delivering the best quality that further helps us build a place for ourselves in the competitive market.

Responsibilities of our water bottle manufacturing quality inspection team

  • Performing the quality inspection of work in progress and finished products in each production process.
  • Inspecting the quality of raw materials and products that are required to be kept in storage
  • Stringent checking of every raw material and process that can have a huge impact on the products’ quality.

Work of quality inspection team

  • Provide information on product quality and feedback on all types of products throughout the product line so that all departments can work together to ensure the best quality output.
  • Monitoring and inspection of the product quality management scheme
  • Ensuring the smooth operation of all quality management work.
  • Obtaining the certification of product quality to maintain strict quality control.
  • Checking the running state of the machine daily to ensure that all work efficiently to complete the production work of the water bottles.

Why Choose Speedex Insulated Bootles?

A range of options

We offer bottles that differ in style and color. They are designed to meet your hydration and style requirements. Our impressive range of bottles is made from food-grade quality stainless steel and is vacuum-sealed, owing to which can be carried easily without any spills.

Temperature retention at its best

The bottles retain both cold and hot temperatures for hours, no matter how the surroundings’ temperature. They are good at providing the best insulation to keep your drink fresh. With these bottles at your disposal, you don’t have to worry about your favorite freshly-brewed coffee getting cold or your ice-cold tea soaking the heat from the outside temperature. With us, you can get the best refreshing experience and pamper your taste buds and soul.

Style and hygiene combined

Why choose hygiene over appearance when you can get both with our stainless steel water bottles. The bottles can carry any beverage and maintain its freshness and hygiene for hours. You can find these bottles in a couple of great designs and colors that will take your heart right away.

Our environmentally friendly initiative

When you purchase a vacuum insulated bottle over a plastic one, you’re moving a step forward to preserve the environment’s sustainability. We all know that plastic is non-biodegradable, and even its recycling emits harmful waste and toxic gases into the environment. On the contrary, steel bottles serve your hydration needs for years and can be 100% recycled to manufacture multiple other quality products. When you go for a Speedex bottle, you’re joining our initiative to make the planet a better place to live for ourselves and generations to come.

Goodbye Thoughts

In today’s age and time, people are more concerned about the quality of products they purchase. At Speedex, our quality management and inspection team do everything necessary to ensure the optimal quality of bottles. Every bottle lined up in the production process goes through a series of quality checks & tests to ensure nothing but the best. 

When you choose Speedex, you’re choosing to purchase from a group of people that keeps your health, hydration, and style at the top.