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Major concern Regarding Stainless Steel

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Dents Over Time?

Any drop that would result in a dent in an stainless steel bottle would have caused a catastrophic failure in a glass or plastic bottle.

Stainless steel products are expensive?

Durability of Stainless Steel bottles and pressure cooker allows one bottle or one pressure cooker to be used for many years, rather than discarding them after using them for a short period of time. Moreover, warranty is also provided by our brand Speedex ensuring the durability of Stainless Steel bottles & Pressure Cooker.

Milk, Juice, Water or Food might taste of metal?

All Speedex bottles and Pressure Cookers are made up of high-grade Stainless Steel which is non-reactive ensuring that food/milk/juice or water in it does not taste of metal and is safe for consumption. The “metal taste” comes into picture form aluminum bottles & Pressure Cookers, not stainless steel.

MYTH – Glass & plastic is safer than stainless steel.

Stainless steel is naturally bacteria resistant and is used in hospitals around the world whereas glass is easily breakable and can create dangerous glass shards. Stainless Steel is an inert metal with no possibility of carcinogenic chemical leaching, whereas there is a risk of potential BPA and PVC leaching in plastic.


Stainless Steel is 100% reusable whereas glass is reusable but only if it does not break. Moreover, in plastic bottles scratches develop easily. Moreover, plastic bottles have to be discarded after a few months of use due to staining or cracking, whereas Stainless Steel bottles & Pressure Cookers can be used for many years.

What’s more convenient?

We are busy people with hundreds of emails to answer and hours of meetings to attend, it’s easy to say that buying a bottle of water is easier than bringing your own. But in reality, bringing your own bottle will save you countless trips to the convenience stores and help ensure you always have water with you, preventing dehydration.

Myth – Bottled water tastes better.

Studies show that in blind taste tests challenge people actually prefer the taste of tap water to that of bottled water. Because it doesn’t have any fancy marketing or celebrities behind it, if you ask people which taste better, they are more likely to say bottled water. Thus, it is always better to avoid bottled water and carry your own Stainless Steel bottle.

Single Wall bottles are too hot to handle.

Glass and Plastic are also single wall and they transmit the same heat as a single wall stainless steel bottle though at a slower rate. Infact, Stainless Steel is better in this respect as it allows us to immediately assess the temperature of the bottle contents providing a safer solution.

For those who want long duration heat or cold retention, we also offer our insulated range of stainless steel bottles which will keep liquids hot or cold for upto 24 hours.

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