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The unprecedented pandemic time has made people realize the importance of good health. They are not ready to compromise on the tiniest thing that can impact their body inside and out.  

That’s why stainless steel water bottles have become the “must-haves” in a world where people are becoming more concerned about their health. 

Speedex offers the best-in-class Vacuum Insulated Water Bottles, a.k.a. hot & cold water bottles made purely from food-grade stainless steel. All of them go through a series of quality tests before making their way to customers’ homes. 

The reliability test of our bottles includes a significant part that aims to obtain the fatigue performance of the lid to ensure that it can withstand alternating loads under diverse circumstances.

Our quality experts carry out the fatigue test based on international standards to ensure that you get the best hygienic and hydration experience. 

This article will talk about the fatigue test of the lid so that customers can get a better know of the procedure and its importance.


Stainless steel water bottle lid,

the water bottle thread, and

Vacuum insulated water bottles.


  • The durability and robustness of the tested bottle lid: Low-high cycle fatigue, high-temperature fatigue, room temperature fatigue, environment test, thermal fatigue, contact fatigue, corrosion fatigue, etc.
  • Loading process: tension & compression fatigue, twisting fatigue, bending fatigue, compound stress fatigue, etc.


  • Take the lid of a stainless steel water bottle (or hot & cold water bottle) and get its accurate size using a vernier caliper. Don’t use a lid having processing defects on its surface.
  • Set the fatigue machine as mentioned in the manual and ensure it is ready for use.
  • Turn the machine on and set the parameters as required.
  • Evaluate the bottle’s height and that of the screw before installing it in the machine.
  • Install the lid. Remember to maintain good coaxially between the sample and the main shaft of the fatigue testing machine.
  • Inspect whether the cam is at the front or at the back. 
  • Ensure the lid is tightly closed and the cam is at the back to prevent the lid from loosening.
  • First, perform the static test. Collect a qualified sample and make it go through the tensile test to determine the strength of the material stands in line with the heat treatment requirements and stress at all levels based on it.

Ensure that the torque force has a specific pre-pressure because it decreases as the number of exercises increases in the absence of pressure and invalid over-range. You can determine the pressure and range as per your needs.

  • To determine the fatigue degree of the bottle thread, there are three inspection methods, which are as follows:
  • Torque change degree (when the pre-pressure is low)
  • Length inspection (when the pre-pressure is high)
  • Tighten the lid on the bottle with a mark to see the change.

Record the results of all three methods based on the test times.

Monitor and record. Perform the test at all levels (from high to low). Take into account the cycles number of each sample’s fracture and monitor the location and characteristics of the fracture simultaneously. 

  • Once the test is over, remove the lid, clean the machine (to ensure it’s longer working), and put it back in place.

Please note: Clear the clutter from the counter before beginning automatic counting to ensure counting accuracy.


  • Optimize the design of the lid
  • Optimize thread parameters
  • Choose the right materials to manufacture the lid based on the material of the bottle and the inner & outer layer of the lid.


The lid is an important part of the stainless steel bottle. It keeps the content intact and gives a complete and attractive look to the bottle. It is also the part that gets in touch with the content and goes through every up and down as the bottle. Therefore, it is highly important to ensure the reliability of the lid to ensure the overall working life cycle of a vacuum insulated bottle. 

At Speedex, we have the best quality inspectors that carry every test required to ensure that the bottles are of the optimum quality and can serve the buyers’ hydration requirements best.

Parting Thoughts

Manufacturers must understand the changing requirements of customers and how much they are drawn towards the quality parameter. Therefore, by practicing stainless steel water bottle reliability test: fatigue test of the lid, manufacturers can meet the customers’ rising concerns and achieve customer satisfaction. This will lead to more sales, profits, and capturing of a bigger market share. 

The test is easy to carry with the right testing machine at your disposal. We hope that the article has helped you understand the reliability test procedure and its importance. If you have any questions related to the reliability test, manufacturing of vacuum insulated bottles, or custom water bottles, please contact us at or drop a message in the comments.