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speedex water bottle for kids

Must have bottle for those who love travelling or sports. A unique design bottle which enable you to carry two different items together while retaining their temperature for up to 24 Hrs.

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speedex water bottles

Hot And Cold Steel Water Bottle – Your Hydration Partner All Year Round

Be it scorching summers or chilly winters, the hot and cold steel bottles will always be your hydration partner. Made from food-grade quality stainless steel, the bottles are a perfect combination of hygiene and style. What adds more to their appeal is their availability in different colors and standard sizes. 

Yes, you read that right. So, no more compromising style over health!

The hot and cold steel water bottles have created a space in the market that no glass or even high-quality plastic bottles can fill.

Want to understand how? Here are some of the popular benefits of hot and cold water bottles:

Temperature Retention

The bottles have the superpower to retain the temperature of the content for long hours. Whether you pour your favorite ice tea or searing coffee, the bottles will ensure that you have a sip of freshness. 

The Much-Needed Privacy

Not everyone likes to show the world what they are drinking, and steel bottles are bliss for such people. They help you maintain the privacy of the drink by being opaque. So, you can carry anything from soft drinks to masala chai without revealing it to anyone. 

No Taste Retentivity

Unlike glass and plastic bottles, the steel ones do not retain the taste of their content. So, no more getting a weird smell or taste in your mouth whenever you have a sip of your favorite beverage from a hot and cold steel water bottle. 

Good For The Environment

Do you know that stainless steel bottles are 100% recyclable? If not, then now you do. The bottles, unlike their counterparts, can be fully recycled once they’re done serving their purpose. So, they do not add up to landmines or increase the piles of waste but reserve mankind in other forms.

Impact Resistant

The bottles are sturdy enough to withstand impacts without losing their shape. So, no more mini heart attacks when you drop your bottle by mistake.


Water dripping out your bottle and wetting all your important things is something you will never experience with a hot and cold water bottle. The bottles are superbly leak-proof and can handle everything from jerks and bumpy rides without letting the content spill out in the bag.


The word “steel” in the hot and cold steel water bottle may force you to think that the bottles are heavy. But don’t judge too fast. The bottles are exceptionally lightweight, even when filled. So, the bottles don’t add any extra burden on your shoulders and keep you hydrated while you’re on the go.

Time To Make The Right Choice

In our opinion, the points mentioned above are enough to help you understand why hot and cold water bottle is a worthy addition to your lifestyle. They are sturdy, hygienic, easy to clean and help retain temperature for long hours. 

Therefore, choosing these bottles is like choosing a healthy lifestyle. Plus, they never let you compromise style over health.

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