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The increasing plastic pollution is making its way to oceans, rivers, and landfills and deteriorating the health of the environment we live in. The waste like plastic bottles keeps on littering the earth’s surface for thousands of years and destroys the scenic beauty of places like beaches, playgrounds, mountains, and others. The major dependence of the food & beverage industry on plastic packaging is somewhere restricting us from moving to a plastic-free and green environment. If the plastic pollution keeps on increasing at this alarming rate, then the day is not far when we will run out of land to dispose of the waste, and it will make its way to the land that we call our home.

If you surf the internet, you can easily find images and videos about how waste like plastic bottles have hampered wildlife and marine life. We can take that as a warning and say goodbye to the use of plastic bottles and go for a much better option like Stainless Steel Water Bottles that are hygienic, recyclable, as well as reusable.

Why Plastic Bottles Harmful

To assist you in developing a better understanding of why we should always say no to plastic bottles, we are listing down its disadvantages:

Pollute The Environment: It is sad to say that we failed as humans to keep our environment clean as many of us can be seen throwing the used plastic bottles everywhere we go. When these bottles are manufactured, the process involves the emission of various harmful forms of carbon and other toxins into the surroundings that lead to air pollution.

The Truth Behind Recycling: We are well aware of the fact that plastic takes thousands of years to decompose in the natural surroundings. It means that the first-ever plastic product made is still littering on the earth’s surface. If we talk about recycling, plastic can be reused to make other plastic products, but it cannot be changed from one form to another. That is why there is an increasing requirement to ban plastic wherever it is possible.

The Content Purity: Do you know that the expiry date on the plastic water bottles is not for the water but the plastic. It’s time for you all to come out from the illusion that plastic water is way healthier than tap water. This gives us another major reason to say goodbye to plastic bottles.

The Health Risks Associated: Burning or degradation of plastic bottles result in the emission of harmful chemicals that are a threat to the human as well as animal life. The best way to get rid of the plastic bottles is to impose a ban on them.

Time To Go Green: The different forms of pollution are taking the earth on the way of destruction, and plastic bottles are contributing a lot to it. Even by recycling these bottles, we are inviting deadly bacteria to breed on them. Using these bottles will put your health at great risk. Therefore, it becomes crucial to stop using them and turn to a hygienic option like stainless steel bottles.

Expensive: The expenditure that a person makes on plastic bottles in a year is not often taken into account, but believe us, it cost you much more than you think. Using durable stainless steel bottles, you can hardly imagine investing again in bottles for another few years.

Destroying Aquatic Life: Oceans, rivers, and other water bodies are filled with plastic waste. It is estimated that if the plastic pollution keeps on increasing at the same pace, there will be a time when there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean. It’s high time to boycott the use of plastic bottles all at once and at a time when we surely have better alternatives.

Made From Scare Resources: Plastic bottles are mainly made from crude oil, which is a scarce natural resource. By banning plastic bottles, we can save the resource for the future.

Restricts Environment Conservation: When it comes to pollution, plastic bottles are the biggest culprit. Imposing a ban on them will restrict their use in packaging a wide range of products. With their lesser use, the lesser will be the pollution, and we can make a successful step to conserve our environment from the increasing pollution.

No Biodegradable Option: As already mentioned above that plastic cannot be converted from one form to another, which becomes a major challenge when it comes to its disposition. Every plastic bottle manufactured today will still be there, even the people who are manufacturing them or using them are long gone. This fact scares the chill out of all of us. So, let’s come together and say no to plastic bottles.

These are the reasons that may compel you to play your part to save the environment by abolishing the use of plastic bottles and aware people around you about how dangerous plastic bottles are to mankind.