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It all started with why are we still using plastic water bottles when it is harmful to us as well as our environment?

Brand Speedex was established in the year 2001, with an aim to find an ecological and economical substitute of plastic water bottles.

Chucking the concept of non-biodegradable, non-reusable plastic bottles from our directory, we came up with a cost-effective way to channel health through our wide range of not just water bottles but stainless steel pressure cookers too, so that you can not only drink but eat healthy too.

Our product range is tailored in such a way to fit the busy bee’s today who believe style, health, and hydration should go hand-in-hand.

From outstanding quality to exceptional durability, our stainless steel solutions are not just value worthy but health-conscious too.

Our Main Focus Is On

speedex steel water bottles


We channeled our passion for change and came up with products that are unique in their own sleek, slender way. We believe in making heads turn and our innovative product range fits right in! For instance, our Stainless Steel feeding bottle or double compartment vacuum insulated bottle.


We vouch for our durability with each and every Speedex product undergoing rigorous testing. Sturdy and proactive is what we want our products to be so that they can keep up with your lifestyle, no matter how busy or rough it gets!

speedex water bottles
speedex steel water bottles

Safety Check

When it comes to drinking water, safety is uncompromisable but what about the water carrier you’re drinking water from? Would you rather let plastic bottles sip away your health slowly or would you let Speedex rejuvenate you with health in mind? We assure you our bottles bottle up goodness in the best way possible!


From hitch-hiking cross-country to running late for work- all you need is a Speedex bottle by your side. We designed our Speedex bottle to make sure it fits all your occasions, be it for frosty winters or sizzling summers, travel buddies or everyday purposes. Moreover, our Stainless Steel feeding bottle can be used as a snack cup after your baby grows up.

speedex water bottles

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