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Your Brand, Our Steel bottles 

Get your logo on Speedex steel water bottles.

Whether you’re gifting to employees, organizing an event, or branding your name with clients, Speedex stainless steel bottles make the ultimate gift to reveal your brand.

We enjoy collaborating with companies that share our product and their brand name, logo, initials, etc. By co-branding with Speedex bottles, you can effectively and meaningfully market your brand.

Your customers will be reminded of your company each time they see your brand name on water bottles, thanks to the co-brand bottle’s printed logo and branding. Our portable, steel water bottles are made with the highest food-grade of steel and are built to last-longer, making them excellent promotional items for your company.

We offer : 

  1. Initials & Names

    Different personalization like initials or name engraving is available for an additional charge. The minimum order size is 500 pieces.

  2. Logo engraving –

    Corporate logos are laser engraved for a genuinely quality finish that won’t fade or remove over time.

Review or Testimonials 

  • In general, Speedex has been a great experience for me. The company has been exceedingly helpful and professional throughout the entire process. I am extremely happy with how they turned out, the bottles’ quality, and the quick delivery.
  • We were really impressed given how short our timeline was and it’s deeply appreciated. The Co-Brand engraving on the new single-wall water bottles looks fantastic. I appreciate your support and look forward to placing my next order.  

Drip Trip Cobalt Blue

Flasq Matt

Checkover Fawn

Royal Gold Red

Milo Dual Pink Blue

Check & Mate Fawn

Elite Gold Black

Simplex Dual Pink Blue

Imperio Red Wine

Bloom in Dark

You Fit