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The Speedex brand was founded in 2001, and we are now revealing advancements in our stainless steel water bottles to you. A dream came true, going from a small business to a top producer of stainless steel products.

We focus on innovating and improving our product quality by offering multiple colors in order to achieve maximum customer satisfaction. Beautifully made, multiple cap options for a lightweight stainless steel bottle. Perfect for everyone’s daily use. With the ultimate goal of launching a Zero plastic collection, we are passionate about designing smart products. Our products are equally as innovative, adaptable, and trustworthy thanks to customer engagement. We offer stainless steel water bottles for people of every age.

Our CEO Mr.Akash Agarwal aims to upgrade to stainless steel bottles which will enable us to stop maximum use of plastic annually. Also, we want to deliver unique, original designs that suit your price range since we firmly believe in the Reduce-Reuse-Recycle philosophy.

We are happy to launch our company’s USP that is stainless steel feeding bottles and co-branding. We are the top providers of Steel Feeding Bottles and OEM (Original equipment manufacturer) in India. 

Our Mission

In 2001, Maharaja Cookers Private Limited launched the brand Speedex. Questioning ourselves that using more and more plastic water bottles is good for the environment and us.  This is the motivation for this company. Our mission is to develop a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to plastic water bottles.Also, to promote health through our extensive selection of stainless steel products in our day-to-day lifestyle.  Moreover, we aims to maximize customer satisfaction by focusing on innovation and enhancing the quality of our products

"Client gets the best quality at an affordable price"

Vision Statement 

Our objective is to design stainless steel products that are smart, adaptable, and reliable to win over customers. We try to ensure that our collection of steel products is both cost-effective and health-conscious. The Idea is one of the pillars that underlies all of our business activities. We think our business can only expand if our customers are truly happy with our stainless steel products.

Mr.Akash Agarwal founded Speedex in 2001 with the intention of enabling customers to always have cold water on the go without having to purchase plastic water bottles. The Speedex’s Steel Bottle was a solution which was the outcome.

A sleek, modern bottle that combines the practicality of a steel water bottle with high-tech features and environmental advantages. To make our steel bottles the best-selling product we are offering a unique feature of multiple- cap-changing options. Great Brands need Great bottles, Speedex has come up with Co-branding services as well. Not only this we are planning to expand our Distributorship for stainless steel feeding bottles. In an effort to further fulfill our mission, we have now expanded the line of products in steel water products, and we have a lot of interesting new products in the works.