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Stainless steel water bottles for kids: Fun and functional Diwali gifts

Stainless steel water bottles for kids: Fun and functional Diwali gifts

If you are searching for the perfect Diwali gift for your elder sister or brother that is both fun and functional, look no further than stainless steel water bottles. Speedex, a trusted brand in the market with BIS mark stainless steel bottles, is offering a fantastic deal this Diwali. Let’s check out their Diwali offerings in more detail.

Single Wall Bottles:

 The KIDDO series offers a wide variety of colors such as Aqua, Black, Matt, Teal Green, and Purple. These bottles are perfect for school, sports, or any outdoor activity. Also, they are lightweight, easy to carry, and come with a sturdy cap to prevent leakage.

Insulated water bottle:

 The FLASQ, CHECKOVER, ROYAL GOLD, Milo, and ELITE GOLD series are designed to keep beverages hot or cold for an extended period. Whether it’s a hot soup or a refreshing cold drink, these bottles are perfect for all seasons.

Atelier Personalized Bottles:

 If you want to make your best Diwali gifts extra special, Speedex offers atelier personalized bottles. In the Just Kidding series, you can choose from designs like Back to School and Unicorn. Also,  the Teen series offers designs like College Life, High on Music, and Just Imagine. Moreover, the Best Buddies series features designs like Baklol Gang, Best Friends, Cup of Joy, and Foodie.

Combo Packs:

 Speedex also gives the best Diwali gift ideas in the form of combo packs that contain two bottles with complementary designs. The Baby Panda & Jungle Jamboree pack is perfect for little ones, while the Family Pack is great for siblings. Other combo packs include Never Give Up & Sports Fanatic, Nightingale Pack of 2, and Royal Gold Pack of 2. Also, for those who love cute designs, the Bear Hug & Enjoy the Journey pack is an excellent choice.

Engraving option: 

Great! Having an engraving option can add a personal and unique touch to products. Also,  It allows customers to customize items with names, logos, or special messages, making them great gifts or mementos.

Promoting Hydration this Diwali 2023

Stainless steel water bottles also serve as a subtle reminder for kids to stay hydrated throughout the day. Encouraging healthy hydration habits from a young age is essential for their overall well-being. Whether they’re at school, playing in the park, or attending Diwali celebrations, having their own stylish water bottle will make it more appealing for kids to drink water and stay hydrated. 

With up to 25% off using the promo code FESTIVAL, Speedex is offering an irresistible deal on their Personalised water bottle for kids. This means you can get a high-quality gift at a discounted price. They are guaranteed ISI mark stainless steel bottles

In conclusion, ISI mark stainless steel bottles from Speedex make for excellent Diwali gifts for kids. They are not only fun and attractive but also functional and sustainable. Speedex for Diwali hampers is a smart choice. Make this Diwali special with customized bottles for your loved ones. Happy Diwali !!!

They are also bhai dooj gifts for brother and sister as well.

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